Judy Richardson

LMT, CPI, Reiki Master

I have a diverse professional background of highly specialized training in energy healing systems and have been in practice for over 20 years.

I am an Expert Level Myofascial Therapist and Full Instructor in the John F. Barnes Myofascial Release Therapy Method®, Certified Biodynamic Cranial Touch Therapist with Dynamic Stillness ® by Charles Ridley, Reiki Master, and Certified Pilates Instructor.

I also have advanced training and experience in Yoga, Somatic Movement Therapy, Therapeutic Touch®, crystal and angelic healing, as well as other forms of energy healing and medicine.

My lifelong spiritual journey includes the study of multiple forms of meditation, Native American shamanism, herbology, and numerous spiritual traditions.

Based upon these skills and experiences, I have developed a unique form of distance healing called Heart Wisdom Therapy. It is my sincere hope that Heart Wisdom Therapy will help you realize your highest self.

Judy Richardson

“The spiritual meaning of a blue moon is ’embracing the depth of your power.’ May you embrace the depth of your power with Heart Wisdom Therapy.”

Judy Richardson

Renew Your Spirit

Restore. Rebalance. Rejuvenate.

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