Heart Wisdom Therapy


Experience Myofascial Release, Biodynamic Cranial Touch Therapy and Energy Healing

In our fast-paced lives, unconscious holding patterns of beliefs and behaviors often lead to pain, stress, and anxiety.

Using Myofascial Release, Biodynamic Cranial Touch, and/or Heart Wisdom Therapy® we partner together to bring awareness, presence, and recognition of self-limiting beliefs, behaviors, and patterns.

Once awareness occurs, the choice to heal becomes clear, those patterns are released, and wellness, balance, and well-being occur. Your own, inner healing wisdom gives you the choice to reset your life in a journey of renewal and transformation to your highest aspirations.

On this journey, you will:

  • Experience new levels of awareness

  • Release physical, mental, emotional, and energetic restrictions

  • Eliminate pain

  • Support your body with self-care

  • Empower yourself

  • Feel and expand your energy

  • Create health, balance, and joy in your life

Judy Richardson

Judy Richardson, LMT, CPI, Reiki Master

Thanks for visiting Blue Moon Body!  I welcome you to the beginning of a journey to self-awareness – discovering the essence of who you are – that leads to healing, wholeness, health, and joy.

My name is Judy Richardson. For more than twenty years, I have helped facilitate and guide others on their healing journeys by applying a diversity of skills and experiences in body/energy systems.

awaken and expand

Awaken & Expand

Restore space in your body. Eliminate inflammation and rehydrate and reorganize.

heart wisdom therapy

Heart Wisdom Therapy®

Experience new levels of awareness and create health, balance, and joy in your life.

restore and renew

Restore & Renew

Heal and nourish your entire nervous system. Support and access your direct healing.

“Working with Judy is very powerful. I feel centered and calm, getting a second chance for living a happy, healthy life. I finally feel safe enough to let go of my fear to move beyond past traumas. I have more energy than ever before and am so happy.”

testimonial-for-judy-richardsonJenny, Austin, Texas

“Thank you, Judy! I really appreciate your amazing ability to do what you do from wherever you are! I do not have the words to tell you how wonderful I feel. I fell asleep with your healing hands on my face. Feeling more relaxed and comfortable.”

testimonial-for-judy-richardsonBecky, Israel

“Judy is a wonderful energy worker with a great notion of the holistic body and how it works. She is well read on a myriad of topics and integrates this understanding into her unique practice. Whether in person or over a long distance you will feel the difference.”

testimonial-for-judy-richardsonKatherine, New Hampshire


Healing. Tranquility. Transformation.